About company ELME MESSER GAAS

The company ELME MESSER GAAS is the leading gas company in the Baltic region. Founded in 1999 as a joint venture between A/S BLRT GRUPP (Estonia) and MESSER GROUP (Germany).

Why are we?

We - the first who built in the Baltic region (in 1999), a modern air separation plant producing liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon!
Every product that we offer our customers is available from at least two different production centers - high security of supply!
Today, only in the Baltic states, we have three modern air separation plant, which significantly strengthen security of supply and significantly improve the long-term pricing for us and our customers!
Opportunity for our customers to have a single favorable conditions in the four countries, the Baltic region - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia (Kaliningrad region)!

We offer everyone the five factors of success of our customers: more than 110 years of experience in the gas market, reliable partnerships, the best quality / price ratio, excellent distribution and our ambitions!